Top Tips for an Amusement Park Trip with Kids

Top Tips for an Amusement Park Trip with Kids

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Amusement parks are a great way to get the kids out and about this summer. Before you embark on your journey, here are some top tips for going to an amusement park with kids! When it comes to your amusement park trips, YellowBird Bus Company is ready to take you and your group where you want to go to experience some summer fun.

Prep Your Chaperones

Kids can get pretty rowdy and excited when they go somewhere fun and new. It is essential to prep your chaperones for the main guidelines of what is and is not allowed. They should be provided with phone numbers of important staff members and know the schedule for the day. With prepared chaperones, you can be sure that there won’t be any problems.

Bring Snacks and Supplies

Every amusement park offers different rules and regulations for bringing in snacks and water bottles to the park. If you are allowed to bring in these items, do it! While the kids will want to get all the sweets the park offers, you can save money by bringing in your own snacks to munch on. You don’t have to forget about staying hydrated with refillable water bottles while waiting in long lines. Sunscreen and first-aid supplies will also come in handy.

Have Emergency Info

Even if you prepare beforehand, an emergency can happen randomly. It is essential that you have at least one phone number from each kid so you can contact their family. From getting hurt to not feeling good after a ride, there are many reasons to have that information to make sure there is no further panic.

Establish Meeting Places

If you allow your group to split up and go where they want on their time, it is vital to have meeting spots so everyone can regroup. A smart place where to meet is at the most popular rides or the big rides so everyone will know where to go. With all the different rides and attractions in amusement parks, it can be easy to lose track of where you are, but meeting places will establish comfort for everyone involved.

Save the Souvenirs Until the End

Playing games and winning prizes is a big part of amusement parks. Some kids may even prefer games and smaller attractions over roller coasters. It is important to remember to save the games till the end because no kid will want to carry around their winnings all day. If you are waiting in line for a ride for a while, you risk that prize getting stolen or lost. Saving your games until the end is an excellent way to finish your day.

Let the Fun Begin!

With school bus and driver rentals, we can make sure your group gets to their destination as smoothly as possible. Check out YellowBird Bus Company’s school busing services, and let’s get the summer fun started together!


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