4 Reasons Why School Bus Services Benefit Everyone

4 Reasons Why School Bus Services Benefit Everyone

Each morning during your commute to work, you probably encounter a few of those familiar, big, yellow buses, full of students chattering on their way to school. While the bus might seem to  slow you down temporarily, school bus services in Bucks County, PA are actually beneficial to everyone. Here are four reasons why you should be grateful when you see that bus.


Buses reduce traffic. Suppose the elementary school closest to your house serves about 500 students. Can you imagine what the surrounding roads would look like at 8 am if a few hundred parents drove there separately, all trying to get to the school to drop off their children? In fact, each school bus removes an average of 36 cars from the roads.


Buses reduce pollution. When you calculate how many cars are removed from the roads by school bus ridership, it equates to over one billion pounds of CO2 emissions per year for just one of the 50 states. That amounts to a massive impact on the environment over time.


Buses make school accessible for all. Since not everyone owns a car or lives within walking distance of their school, a bus may be the only method of transportation that they have. Access to quality education is critical for all children, which makes school buses an absolute necessity.


Buses are safer. As we mentioned in our last blog post, school buses were designed with student safety in mind. Their yellow color is easily seen by other drivers, even in their peripheral vision. The sides of the vehicle are reinforced to protect passengers in a crash, and the high seat back also provide protection during an impact. Parents who think that their children are safer if they personally drive them school should consider this: students are about 20 times more likely to arrive at school safely than if their parent drives them. For teen drivers, this statistic increases to 50 times more.

School bus ridership benefits everyone. The next time that you see a bus on your way to work, remember all the ways in which it benefits everyone. YellowBird Bus Company not only provides this important everyday service, but they also have buses for field trips in Bucks County, PA. Call today for more information.


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