Reasons to Use Group Transportation for Your Team-Building Event

Reasons to Use Group Transportation for Your Team-Building Event

Whether you’re the one in charge of a corporate team-building day or you’re just along for the ride, planned team-building can create a fun opportunity to get out of the office and into the real world. Team-building exercises can be physical, such as escape rooms or obstacle courses, or challenging mentally, such as Jeopardy games and scavenger hunts. Some team-building events are for large groups, such as ones booked for company events, and some are just for smaller groups like sports teams. Whatever you’ll be doing and whoever you’ll be with, you can never go wrong with a team-building activity day! It’s a great chance for everyone to communicate and collaborate.

Making sure each team member feels invited and valued starts with the not-so-simple task of ensuring each of them can actually get to the team-building event. When you sit down to start planning your event, it’s vital that you take time to consider transportation to and from your activities. That’s where group transportation comes in handy! These are just 4 of the many reasons you should consider group transportation for your next team-building event.

Group Transportation Is Affordable

With the price of gas through the roof these days, no one wants to spend more than they have to, especially on extra activities outside of the office. Multiply the cost of travel by however many people who are attending your team-building gathering and consider how much money you’ll be saving on fuel when you hire a shuttle bus or charter bus service!

In addition, if you’re having your event in an area where parking space is at a premium, parking costs are nothing to sneeze at. Think of how many cars you’d have to cram into one parking lot and how large of a bill your company may end up footing just for parking alone! Comparatively, the cost of parking a few large shuttle buses is much smaller, allowing you to spend more money on what actually matters — supplies for or tickets to the team-building event itself.

Group Transportation Is Convenient

Coordinating parking, deciding on who’s riding with who, sending out multiple reminders of addresses, dates, times, and directions — all of these are very real hassles you have to deal with if you’re expecting people to transport themselves to your team-building events. 

Not to mention, the larger your group is, the more likely it is that someone may take a wrong turn along the way, causing even more chaos. Relying on bus rentals instead eliminates all of these worries and places transportation in the hands of experienced, punctual drivers who will get you where you need to go — without any risk of someone getting lost!

Group Transportation Is Inclusive

With any group of people, there is always a possibility that someone will not be able to attend your team-building event. Not everyone has access to a car they can use 24/7 — or a driver’s license, for that matter. Having group transportation provided shows employees that you really want them to attend the event and are willing to help take them there and back, which can go a long way when it comes to showing your dedication to their service and hard work over the years.

Group Transportation Is Fun!

Bus rentals keep the spirit of camaraderie going before and after a team-building day because everyone stays together and has time to talk about their experience. You’d be surprised by how much fun people can have on a bus, even during what you might anticipate being reserved or stuffy corporate transportation. You can even involve extra team-building activities during the bus ride itself!

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