YellowBird Bus Company’s Tips to Planning a Thrilling Day at the Amusement Park

YellowBird Bus Company’s Tips to Planning a Thrilling Day at the Amusement Park

Everyone knows that a little planning ahead for any trip can go a long way. When done right, planning your day at the park can result in a thrilling adventure for the whole family. Not a master planner? Don’t worry, we have tips that are sure to make your trip a blast.

Pick a day– We recommend enjoying the park during the week and avoiding the weekends. A weekend trip is bound to be crowded with long lines, so try to avoid peak times.

Research– Look for the park’s operating times so you can plan your day accordingly. We recommend getting to the park early so you can beat the crowds and long lines. Consider buying your ticket online to avoid the lines and potentially get better deals.

Make an itinerary– Use the park’s map to your advantage by planning out which rides you want to get on first. Hit the popular rides first before their lines get too long.

Bring snacks, save money– Check to see if the park allows outside food to be brought inside or if they allow re-entry. If so, bring lots of water and snacks because park food can get pretty pricey. You can keep the food and drinks in a cooler or insulated bag in the car.

Don’t forget the sunscreen- After a long day of having fun, nobody wants to go home sunburnt. Make sure you pack sunscreen to protect the family and if you’re going to a water park make sure its waterproof.

Budget, budget, budget- Set a budget for your trip to avoid overspending and you’ll be sure to thank yourself later. Give each member of the family an allowance for food, games, and souvenirs. Also, it’s good to keep emergency money on hand as you never know what can happen.

Wait, who’s driving?– Renting a bus from YellowBird Bus Company ensures that you have room for the whole family. You can invite friends for even more fun — YellowBird buses have enough room for the entire crew.  

YellowBird Bus Company wants to help you make the best memories with your family. Whether it’s enjoying a day at the amusement park or planning a wedding, we’re here to make sure you have safe and reliable transportation. We provide bus rentals for many different types of occasions, so if you need a wedding bus in Philadelphia, PA or a bachelor party bus in Bucks County, PA give us a call at 215-352-3042.



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