YellowBird Bus Company is Ready to Bus Your Bachelor Party Like a Pro

YellowBird Bus Company is Ready to Bus Your Bachelor Party Like a Pro

When you’re bussing the best men and groom during that most epic of nights, you need a bachelor party bus that’s up to par. Whether you’re headed to Philadelphia, PA or Jersey’s Sin City on the Atlantic, YellowBird Bus Company is ready to take you. With all that revelry in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas for all your celebrating en-route, and back home.

The Designated Bro

As you engage in all the festivities, don’t worry about the driving—YellowBird Bus Company has it covered. Nonetheless, we recommend that you appoint the most responsible of bros to be your contact with our driver. Wherever you’re traveling, we mostly ask that you tell us how many passengers will be boarding, where they’ll be picked and dropped off, and if we’ll be invited to the wedding.

The Playlist

What road trip, be it down 95 or the Garden State, would be complete without the touch of a personalized playlist of music? Bring your iPhones, Androids, connecting cords, and your best beats. As you’re cruising to your nightly adventure, stir up memories through melody, belting out your favorite lyrics. Your groom only gets one chance to be serenaded in style.

The Mobile Gaming

We’re not talking your old school Game Boys or your hand-held smartphones. After you’ve exhausted your lungs through singing, take up a board or card game like Settlers of Catan, Snake Oil, or Cards Against Humanity. A bachelor party should boast activities that reflect everyone—including the nerds among us.

The Scavenger Hunt

As you cruise into the night, bar hopping, and cheering as you go, why not introduce some fun outside of the bus? If you’re traveling by bus (be it bachelor party or wedding) between Montgomery County, PA, and Philly, you’ve ample opportunity to play a nostalgic game of “I Spy” and other road trip classics. 95 is an exceptional treat, as far as amusing billboards go.

Your Nightly Conclusion

Years later, as you’re reminiscing on the Pennsylvanian odyssey of your bachelor party, you should remember those who shared the night with you. As you’re praising your groom and partying to the zenith, appreciate every moment with your friends—your driver even—as a night that can never be replicated.


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