The Benefits of Becoming a School Bus Driver

The Benefits of Becoming a School Bus Driver

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School bus drivers are in every city and town in the United States. The transportation of children by bus to school has been popular since the 1930s, and it continues to be a standard transportation service.

School bus transportation offers parents an economical, safe, and practical way to send their children to school. Parents are busier than ever before, so the availability of school buses is a service that remains in high demand. And with the fluctuation of gas prices, more people are choosing school bus rentals for their family and church events. With school buses in such high demand, it pays to become a school bus driver.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a School Bus Driver?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a school bus driver. Some benefits include plenty of opportunities for additional work, complimentary training and certifications, free summers and holidays (if preferred), and more. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a school bus driver.

Supplemental Pay

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, you can earn a decent living while providing a valuable service to kids and their families. In addition to regular pay, you will have ample opportunities to do charters. Chartered events include providing transportation for family and church events, such as weddings, summer camps, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and sporting events. These opportunities mean school bus drivers can supplement their income on evenings, weekends, and summer by providing transportation for these events. 

Complimentary Training and Certifications

One of the main benefits of becoming a school bus driver is that you don’t need any experience to get a job. The main requirements include being a safe, dependable driver who knows the rules of the road. Additionally, bus driver jobs require knowledge of emergency procedures, which is a vital skill to have.

School bus driving offers the rare opportunity for free driver training, which includes preparing for and passing the test for your commercial driver’s license (CDL). This certification is an excellent investment in your future.

Potential for Free Summers and Holidays

With a school bus driver job, you can have the possibility of taking your summers and holidays off to spend time with family and friends. While some see this as one of the main benefits of becoming a school bus driver, it is not your only option.

If you prefer, you can take on more bus driver jobs during your free time, such as providing transportation for summer camps or family holiday trips. At YellowBird Bus Company, we provide our drivers with plenty of opportunities for transporting groups for summer school, summer camps, family reunions, church groups, daycare field trips, sporting event charters, weddings, and so much more! As one of our drivers, you will have plenty of work to fill your days if you don’t want to take summers off.

No Mundane Tasks

Are you looking to avoid the 9-to-5 grind in an office? Working as a school bus driver could be the perfect job for you. As a driver, you will have to be alert at all times, adhering to the rules of the road and watching out for any potential dangers or obstacles as you get kids and groups to their destinations safely. Additionally, you will not always have to drive the same routes. When you pick up charters, you could be driving different roads day after day, keeping your job interesting.

Positive Community Impact

Another one of the benefits of becoming a school bus driver is the positive impact they make on their communities. School bus drivers live and work in the areas they serve, meaning they know many of the parents and children in their school district. 

School bus drivers serve a unique purpose in the lives of their students, especially those with disabilities. The drivers provide access to education that allows students with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Apply to Work as a School Bus Driver Today!

Start the process of getting a new career today, so you can enjoy the numerous benefits of becoming a school bus driver. The demand for school buses remains high, so now’s the time to start your new career path. Whether for a field trip bus rental in Bucks County, PA, or a sporting event in Philadelphia, people rent school buses for all occasions.

Yellowbird Bus Company supplies reliable transportation for children in Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, and parts of New Jersey. If you enjoy driving and working with children, becoming a bus driver may be the right choice. Download our employment application on our website or call us for more information today!


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