On the Straight & Narrow: Transportation Tips for Your Youth Group

On the Straight & Narrow: Transportation Tips for Your Youth Group

four teenagers sitting in a school bus waiting to go on a youth group trip

There are youth groups of all sizes, missions, and ages in the United States. Some organizations focus on religious causes, while others are oriented around addiction recovery. Certain youth groups are dedicated to a specific task, such as community service, while some simply exist to provide a social outlet for young people. No matter the purpose and demographics of your youth group, there’s no doubt that transporting a bus full of youths can bring its own set of unique challenges. If you’re planning a youth group trip soon, keep these transportation tips in mind to ensure a smooth ride for everyone!

Discuss Expectations Beforehand

Before you get on the bus for any youth group trips, it’s best to discuss rules and expectations. Your youth group should know…

  • What to pack
  • What NOT to pack
  • What to wear (don’t forget raincoats!)
  • Behavioral expectations on the bus and at the event
  • If permission slips or waivers are required for a location or event
  • If payment is required for a location or event
  • Your policy on technology during the ride and at the event
  • What to do in case of emergency

All of these details can be put into an email or printed on a permission slip, but it never hurts to remind your group about trip details via an in-person conversation. After all, you never know who might not have been paying attention on the day you handed out the paperwork!

Keep Everyone Entertained

Whether or not you plan on letting your youth group members have unlimited “tech time” during the bus ride, there’s way more to life than just scrolling through TikTok ‘til your fingers hurt. It’s time to break out some old-fashioned camp songs or riddles, play some old favorites like 20 Questions, or get a group game like Catchphrase going. Still can’t get them off their phones? Try some fun yet educational web-based games like Kahoot or Jeopardy. 

Be Prepared

Don’t leave behind these absolute essentials for any youth group road trip:

  • Printed contact information of group members and their parents/guardians
  • Printed directions to your destination
  • Backup portable battery and cables to charge electronic devices
  • Extra cash for emergencies
  • First-aid kit
  • Medications and necessary medical forms, if relevant
  • Tickets or entry wristbands for every member of the group, if relevant

No matter what age group you’re working with, everyone forgets things sometimes. If you’re headed to the pool or beach, pack more towels than you need. For that big sports tournament, bring along some extra water bottles. The larger the youth group you’re supervising, the more likely it is that someone missed something while packing for the trip, so always think ahead and pack spares of necessary items.

Communication is Key

Anytime you transport a group of young people, you’ll have parents and guardians depending on you to keep their precious cargo safe. To assuage their fears and keep communication clear, consider setting up a group text. This way, you can keep everyone updated on plan changes, traffic delays, and inclement weather. This is an especially important tip if you plan on having a no-cell-phones policy for group members.

Have Fun!

Going on a trip with a youth group can be exhausting, challenging, and full of surprises, but don’t forget to have fun. After all, they’re looking to you for inspiration and motivation. The best way to encourage young people to have a good time is to have one yourself!

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