The Makings of the Modern Yellow School Bus

The Makings of the Modern Yellow School Bus

Technology, like everything else, is constantly changing. Ten years ago, most people wouldn’t have dreamed that they’d be checking their phone hundreds of times a day. Compare the school bus of 2007 to the school bus of today and you’d be equally surprised to see what’s changed in the span of those ten years. YellowBird Bus Company has been a witness to it all, as it’s driven across Philadelphia, PA and neighboring areas.

Innovations of 2017

In the name of technological innovation and student safety, the school bus has evolved in numerous ways over the last five years alone. Do you remember the stifling, sticky leather of your bus seat—assuming you were picked up and driven to school as a small child? Now it’s a thing of the past! Your average modern school bus of 2017 comes equipped with A.C fueled seating. In some buses, in fact the, seats are pressurized and cushioned, making the morning ride far more comfortable than you probably remember it being.

Automated Bus Doors

As your memories of those early morning commutes roll back into your mind, you’ll recall the cranking motion of your bus driver opening and closing the doors of the bus—ushering you and your classmates on and off. When you think about it, opening and closing the bus doors was quite a workout! If you do the math, a mere twenty stops equaled 40 pulls of the bar. With automated doors, all of that physical labor is relegated to the press of one switch.

Downsized Auto-Motors

One of its most distinctive front-end features, the hood of your school bus stored a mighty motor of an engine. Thanks to the efficiency of newer engines, all of that horse power can now be contained in a smaller engine, meaning a smaller nose on your average school bus. Your bus driver’s view of the road is aided by this downsizing, making it easier to spot what is ahead and maneuver about.

Seven-Styled Mirror System

In the spirit of increasing your bus driver’s field of vision, school buses in 2017 now possess as many as 7 mirrors—decreasing blind spots in and around the vehicle. Now, when church groups reserve a bus rental for their annual trip to Philadelphia, PA, they can be sure that a ride aboard a YellowBird Bus Company will be a smooth and safe one!



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