To the Core: An Apple Festival Guide with YellowBird Bus Company

To the Core: An Apple Festival Guide with YellowBird Bus Company

Fall is a fantastic time of year to live in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and there are tons of events to go to. From art installations to apple festivals, your weekends have never been fuller. Everything is fun and games, but the driving — the driving — is getting out of hand. Take a break from being at the wheel when you go to an apple festival this fall with your friends and family. At YellowBird Bus Company, you can rent one of our buses for any of your autumn events.

What’s the Ap-peel of Apple Festivals?

Apple festivals are some of the most enjoyable and fun occasions during the autumn months. One of the most famous apple festivals in Philly is the Annual Harvest Festival at Reading Terminal Market. Not only does this event celebrate apples, but it also focuses on pumpkins and other fall features that shouldn’t be overlooked.

So what should you know about apple festivals? Here, we give you the in-cider information of what makes them so fun.

The Food

You can bake an apple, pull it off a tree, or cover it in caramel and give your dentist a heart attack. No matter how you eat it, it’s always delicious, yet somehow, at an apple festival, it’s even more so. From apple fritter to apple crisp to apple pie, the mix and mash of the fruit in different forms is love at first bite.

The Drinks

If the food wasn’t enough, the drinks at an apple festival will be sure to satisfy. Many celebrations will have hot apple cider for adults and children as well as a variety of different hard ciders for event-goers who are 21 plus. Make sure to get your fill of these seasonal tastes and take advantage of not having to drive home.


Apple fests mean hayrides, live music, and, a lot of times, mazes. If you’re going to the event with your kids, there’ll be plenty to keep them busy throughout the day. Better yet, these activities will give them a great place to burn off the sugar they got from the candied apples they ate all morning.

Take Your Pick of Our Rental Services

When you and your family are looking for a fun and affordable way to get to an apple festival this fall, choose to rent a bus with YellowBird Bus Company. Our services are safe and convenient and will help you get the most out of your autumn events.

Looking for some cash to fund your fall adventures? We have some school bus driving jobs in Montgomery County, PA that we need to be filled soon! Fill out our application on the page we’ve linked or give us a call at 215-352-3042 to find out some more information on both our employment and rental services.


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