Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Yellowbird Bus

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Yellowbird Bus

martin luther king jr. day

Martin Luther King Jr. day is coming on January 20th, 2020, and that day, thousands of people will celebrate the late civil rights campaigner’s legacy. As a top-rated provider of church bus rental in Philadelphia, PA, we’ve listed some ways to make your school, church, or nonprofit’s celebrations meaningful.

Study King Jr.’s Speeches

For certain groups, it would be beneficial to delve deeper into the study of some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s lesser-known writings and speeches. A great starting point would be his 1964 Nobel Prize Peace Address. King highlighted “poverty of spirit which stands in the glaring contrast of scientific and technological abundance.” As we still have political polarization and economic inequality prevalent in the world today, it’s worth revisiting his vision to help change society for the better.

Organize or Take Part in a Giving March

Martin Luther King was devoted to forming a diverse and respectful community. You can take his day of celebration as a chance to leave your comfort zone and interact with people you have never been involved with before. A giving march is easy to organize, all you need is to ask for donations from your church, school, or nonprofit, then decide on a route on which to hand out items and spread joy. You could end your march at a housing shelter to help out the less fortunate in your community.

Visit Your Local Library if They Are Hosting an MLK Themed Event

If you take the time, book one of our Yellowbird buses and take our group down to the local bookstore or library on MLK day with any children in your group to find some great reading materials.

Plenty of public libraries will be hosting MLK Jr. day events, exhibits, and activities, which are all great for kids. All you need to do is check the local branch website to see what events they have lined up.

Book Safe and Affordable Transportation

As a leading provider of church group bus rentals in Philadelphia, PA, we recommend booking safe and affordable transportation. All of our professional drivers are fully insured, and we’ve been serving the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania areas for over thirty years. 


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