A Look in the Rearview Mirror: This Year’s National School Bus Safety Week

A Look in the Rearview Mirror: This Year’s National School Bus Safety Week

Considering that over 25 million students ride a school bus every day, acknowledging a dedicated appreciation week that promotes bus safety and celebrates the positive impact of school buses seems more than warranted. This year’s National School Bus Safety Week was held during the third full week of October and focused on the importance of school bus safety. While this year’s Safety Week may have already zoomed on by, learning about what it represents is valuable all year long. Check out this video on what we can learn about National School Bus Safety Week, then keep reading for a deeper dive into its effects on communities across the nation.

The National Association for Public Transportation (NAPT) brings all sorts of faculty and community members together to observe the importance of upholding safety standards, including bus drivers, students, parents, teachers, and districts across the nation. Every year, National School Bus Safety Week is assigned a designated theme, each focusing on a different aspect of safe school bus transportation. The theme this year was “My School Bus, The Safest Form of Transportation.” In 2020, we’ll see “Red Lights Mean – STOP!” and in 2021, “Can’t Touch This – The Danger Zone!”

School Demonstrations

Schools can use the resources provided by NAPT, such as sample news releases, window displays, and signs to promote National School Bus Safety Week. Schools are encouraged to involve local media in their safety awareness programs to get communities involved. Events that promote school bus safety range from banquets that honor their school district’s school bus drivers and “open houses” that allow parents to see the transportation facilities first hand.

Poster Contest

The centerpiece of Safety Week goes beyond adults, ensuring safe driving conditions – it gets the kids involved! Thousands of school districts across the U.S. participate in a nationwide poster contest on both a local and state level. Children K-12 are encouraged to pick up their crayons and colored pencils to create their very own posters that promote bus safety. The winning posters are showcased to promote safe transportation for everyone and to determine Safety Week’s theme.

Beyond The District

While taking pride in school bus safety is a triumph for districts around the country, it’s not just school boards that can make a difference. The Safety Week functions as a reminder to every driver on the road to be aware of laws and initiatives put in place to keep bus transportation safe. These include paying attention to school bus stop signs (and flashing lights!), reduced speed limits in school zones, and being mindful of school bus stops around the neighborhood.

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