5 Summer Wedding Trends to Watch Out For This Season

5 Summer Wedding Trends to Watch Out For This Season

Wedding trends are constantly changing, as brides across the country mix things up to make their special days magical. Summer 2019 has brought with it a ton of new and exciting wedding trends. Read on to learn about the top five trends you should keep an eye out for this summer wedding season!

  • Bright colors. Say goodbye to toned down neutrals and pastels. Today’s brides are turning up the heat with vivid reds, corals, and blues. Consider adding a splash of color to your ceremony for a modern twist!
  • Statement wedding cakes. Small, subdued cakes are out — bold, stunning statement cakes are in! This summer, look out for fondants in every color under the sun. Gold, bronze, and rustic red are three of this summer’s most popular cake hues.
  • Nontraditional bachelorette parties. Who said a bachelorette party had to be a crazy night out in Vegas? Today’s brides are choosing more subtle options for their bachelorette parties. Paint-and-sips, day trips with a bachelorette party bus in Bucks County, PA, and spa days are all popular among bachelorettes this summer.
  • Custom illustrations. Today’s brides are all about making their wedding personalized — right down to their invitations and place settings! Brides are now hiring local artists to put a unique spin on their special day with one-of-a-kind decals and illustrations. Consider saving your invitation if you notice a piece of custom artwork!
  • Creative lighting choices. If you’re attending an evening wedding, expect to see a little lighting flair! From paper lanterns to fairy lights, this summer’s brides are ditching the traditional lightning and opting for more romantic, softer choices.

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