5 Steps to the Perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah

5 Steps to the Perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah

When it comes to planning the perfect bar or bat mitzvah, there are many considerations that need to be made. You should begin planning your son or daughter’s celebration at least 12 months out in order to ensure that everything is in order when the big day arrives.

Let’s break the bat or bar mitzvah planning process down into five manageable time frames. Follow this guide to avoid stress and last-minute phone calls when planning your event.

  • 9-12 Months Out – Secure the Location. The first thing you’ll want to do when you begin planning is to secure your event location. Contact your synagogue to receive the final date of the event so you can start planning your location accordingly. 
  • 6-8 Months Out – Arrange Transportation. Figure out which company you’d like to hire for your bar or bat mitzvah transportation in Philadelphia, PA early. YellowBird Bus Company regularly provides safe and reliable transportation for large events, so a call to our team will have your arrangements secured in no time.
  • 3-6 Months Out – Create Your Food and Drink Menu. Since you have someone covering your bat or bar mitzvah transportation in Philadelphia, PA, you can go all out with your menu. Take your time to figure out the perfect feast, as well as after-dinner drinks the whole adult crowd can enjoy.
  • 1-2 Months Out – Invite Everyone. This is when you want to send out invitations. Make sure you keep track of who responds and stick with your RSVP date closely.
  • Final Month – Arrange Seating. This is very important for these larger family events. Once you have your final count of who is coming, make sure to set up the seating so people can enjoy their time at the event. 

Planning the perfect bar or bat mitzvah event doesn’t have to be stressful. For timely and professional transportation, contact YellowBird Bus Company. Our team of trained drivers will ensure that everyone arrives at your event on schedule—and makes it home safely at the end of the evening. Give us a call at 215-352-3042 today to learn more!


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