5 Safety Tips for Group Amusement Park Trips

5 Safety Tips for Group Amusement Park Trips

No matter if you’re traveling with a church group or you’re preparing for a child’s birthday party, a trip to the amusement park is a memorable summertime treat. Unfortunately, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you travel with a large group—especially to a hectic and loud amusement park. Use these five essential safety tips to make sure everyone has a fun time on your trip this summer.

  • Apply sunscreen before you head out. Nothing can ruin a summer day quite as fast as a sunburn. Before you head out, remind guests to apply sunscreen. Applying sunscreen ahead of time allows it to penetrate the skin on the ride, reducing the risk of burning.
  • Plan transportation ahead of time. Yellow buses aren’t just for heading to school or providing wedding transportation in NJ! According to the NHTSA, traveling in a school bus is seven times safer than riding in a car. Minimize your risk when traveling to the amusement park by booking your bus ahead of time with YellowBird Bus Company!
  • Bring plenty of water. It can be easy to forget how important water is during an exciting trip. Provide every guest with a bottle of water before you leave and limit caffeinated drinks like soda.
  • Wear color-coordinated shirts. Traveling with a large group of small children? Add another layer of fun (and safety!) to your trip by investing in color-coordinated T-shirts to commemorate the event. Choose a distinct neon color that can be spotted from a distance to reduce the chance of someone getting lost.
  • Make sure everyone is informed. Knowledge is power! Make sure each child and teen in your group know the rules and let parents know what time you expect everyone to home.

YellowBird Bus Company doesn’t only provide bachelorette party buses in Bucks County, PA—we also offer summer group transportation to just about any destination in the area. Give us a call today at 215-352-3042 to learn more or book your transportation today!


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