5 Quick Tips for Planning a Great Holiday Church Retreat

5 Quick Tips for Planning a Great Holiday Church Retreat

Now that the holiday season is quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time for church and youth group leaders to begin planning their winter retreats! If you have a retreat coming up, use our five quick tips to make 2018 your best winter gathering yet!

  • Get student leaders involved. From planning the menu to helping younger members make their own t-shirts for the retreat, student leaders are a powerful force in your church’s community. Empower your student leaders to assist in the planning of your retreat — not only will you have a helping hand, but you’ll also have a fresh perspective and plenty of new ideas to make your retreat magical!
  • Ask about dietary restrictions. Group members with dietary restrictions may feel left out of your retreat if there’s nothing they can eat. Make sure to ask about allergies and other restrictions before you head out so everyone can participate in the fun equally!
  • Make sure the location is right. Retreats are a great chance for students to spend some time away from home, but as the group leader, it’s your responsibility to choose a safe location. Make sure there is enough indoor and outdoor space to accommodate your entire group — no one wants to be cramped in a tiny cabin if snow or rain should strike.
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the silence. Students go on church retreats to feel more connected to their faith and their community members. Planning in a silent creative activity near the end of your trip can act as an ideal way for students and group members to reflect on their journey and their place in the world.
  • Plan transportation ahead of time. Reliable group transportation services may become more expensive as the holiday season gets closer. Booking your church group bus rental in Philadelphia, PA now can save you serious money later on!

It’s never too early to start planning ahead! Church leaders who are interested in learning more about the benefits of working with Yellowbird Bus Company in Philadelphia, PA for their upcoming retreat are encouraged to make the call today at 215-352-3042 for assistance planning their upcoming event.


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