5 Outing Ideas for Senior Residents in Assisted Living

5 Outing Ideas for Senior Residents in Assisted Living

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Today’s seniors are no longer content to sit in front of their TVs or join their friends for bingo every Wednesday evening. Instead, they want to be entertained and enjoy every hard-earned moment of their retirement.

While living in an assisted living facility can make daily life easier, it can also grow overwhelmingly isolating if the residents can never experience life outside of this little community. If you’re planning special day trips or outings for your residents, consider these stimulating (but relaxing) activities for seniors, and then line up school bus shuttle services to get everyone there safely.

Trips to the Museum

Sometimes, all an assisted living resident needs to get a fresh perspective is to get outside the four same walls and revisit their favorite places. Tour the Benjamin Franklin Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, or the Science History Institute Museum to appeal to the history, art, and science enthusiasts of the group.

Picnic in the Park

Allow residents to get a bit of fresh air at a local park. Simply walking well-worn paths or sitting on a bench can enliven their spirits and help them feel a part of a greater community. You can pack individual meals for a picnic in the park, or you can shuttle everyone in reliable charters to a local restaurant for an extra special evening.

Walk About a Botanical Garden

Nature has the power to boost moods and reduce stress. Consider taking your residents to a botanical garden where they can take in the fresh smell of budding flowers and stretch their muscles as they stroll about.

Attend Special Events

Sporting events, festivals, farmer’s markets, and craft fairs are the perfect excuses to step outside the assisted living community for an afternoon. No resident will want to miss out on the opportunity to meet their favorite players or artist or enjoy new food and special bargains. These events are fun and provide unique experiences older adults can share with their friends and family.

See a Show

Does your senior community love music or theater? Plan an excursion to an outdoor concert or play performed by a local theater. Everyone will enjoy the change of scenery and once-in-a-lifetime performance!

Transportation for the Day Trip

Every senior deserves a chance to experience something new, especially after a long life of hard work. Your senior living community can plan the perfect outing with exciting activities and safe, reliable transportation.

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