5 Ideas for a Sober Bachelorette Party

5 Ideas for a Sober Bachelorette Party

Having a bachelorette party typically means drinking will be involved, as they usually take place at some club or bar. However, if you don’t want to drink, know that there are plenty of ways you can throw an amazing event without a drop of alcohol. Here are five fun ideas your wedding party is sure to love.

  • Day at the spa. Who doesn’t want to feel pampered right before a big, stressful wedding? Take your entire bridal party to the spa for the day. Let everyone enjoy being pampered so they can look and feel their best at the wedding.
  • Enjoy an escape room. Learn to depend on each other and think differently by testing your skills in an escape room. It makes you all think outside the box, which can create an incredible bond between you and your bridesmaids!
  • Explore a neighboring town or city. Transportation companies don’t just shuttle kids to school and offer church bus rentals in Philadelphia, PA. They also offer reliable and safe group transportation for bachelorette parties as well. Consider renting a bus and exploring a new town — or even a new state — before you tie the knot.
  • Have a sleepover. When you were a girl, you probably wanted to spend the night at your friends’ houses all the time. Now that you’re finally an adult, why not unlock your inner child and celebrate with an adult sleepover? Pop some popcorn, rent a few of your favorite movies, and buy a few bottles of cheap nail polish or face masks for a night full of fun.
  • Volunteer. This one is often overlooked, but a great opportunity for people who want to give back. Getting married showers a lot of attention on the bride, groom, and maids and men of honor. Why not provide that kind of attention to those who may be underserved or in need? Feel good on the inside and let it show on the outside on your special day by spending a day volunteering before your wedding.

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