5 Back-To-School Tips For High School Sport Coaches

5 Back-To-School Tips For High School Sport Coaches

Back-to-school season isn’t just for kids! Teachers and coaches are also heading back to school this fall for another year of fun and learning. If you coach a high school sports team, set yourself and your athletes up for a season of success with these five tips!

Vary your workouts.

Varying athletes’ workouts helps ensure a well-rounded performance and long-lasting endurance. If you usually focus on strength-building, add some cardio into your athletes’ workouts. If you coach a cardio-heavy sport like track, help athletes learn about the importance of strength training with occasional gym workouts.

Encourage healthy eating habits.

To an athlete, food isn’t just a tasty treat — it’s fuel. Encourage your athletes to drink plenty of water during games and snack on lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and veggies when they’re not practicing or exercising.

Ensure academic success as well as physical success.

Athletics are a fun and exciting part of going to school. However, it’s important to remember that a student’s first job is to earn great grades. Encourage academically-inclined students to assist any of their peers who are struggling in school to offer tutoring assistance or homework help before games, practices, or meets.    

Help students set their own goals.

Students who are still working on building their athletic resume may not feel like they matter in comparison to your team’s star players. Encourage every student to set his or her own personal goals that don’t have anything to do with their peers. Whether it’s shaving 30 seconds off of a 5K time or perfecting their pass, every student should have a goal that they’re working towards throughout the season.

Book your transportation early.

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