4 Safety Facts About School Buses

4 Safety Facts About School Buses

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According to the National Safety and Transportation Association, students are over 70 times more likely to arrive at school safely in a school bus than in a car. On each school day, about 25 million children ride a bus. So, what exactly makes school buses safer for students? Let’s take a look at a few key features and statistics that make school buses the ideal choice for group travel.

  • Protected by law. Laws protect students who use school buses, especially during pick-ups and drop-offs. For example, it is illegal for drivers to overtake a school bus while picking up or dropping off passengers regardless of the direction of approach.
  • Safer than cars. A study on the type of accidents that involved school-going children revealed that school buses are safer than cars. Buses are more highly regulated and include safety features that make them a better option for small children by design.
  • Designed to stand out and save lives. From flashing red lights to integrated stop signs, school buses were designed to be highly visible to other vehicles. School buses also have protective seating, rollover protection features, and high crash standards. This makes them safer for everyone inside and reduces the likelihood of a fatal crash.
  • Compartmentalization in large school buses. The NHTSA has found that the safest way to offer crash protection to students riding large school buses is through a concept known as “compartmentalization.” Compartmentalization in school buses packs students closely together with impact-resistant seats. This keeps students safe while on the road without seatbelts. If you’ve ever wondered why your school bus rental in Philadelphia, PA doesn’t have seatbelts, compartmentalization is the answer!

Bright yellow school buses aren’t just safe for students — they’re also ideal for your next wedding, bachelorette party, or sporting event. If you’d like to rent a school bus in Bucks County, PA for your next event, give Yellowbird Bus Company a call today at 215-352-3042. 


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