3 Hygiene Tips for Riding on a Bus

3 Hygiene Tips for Riding on a Bus

Are you planning a church retreat, wedding, or summer camp transportation in Philadelphia, PA? Though major gatherings and events are currently on hold due to COVID-19, bus rental providers are taking advanced reservations for the summer and fall.

Even after the pandemic slows and events begin again, there are a few basic hygiene tips that should always be observed when using chartered transportation. No matter if you’re an essential worker heading to a day on the job or you’re planning your transportation ahead of time, use these three key tips to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Avoid Using Your Cell Phone

Buses can be germy areas — especially if you’re on a long trip with many other people. When you touch common areas on the bus and then bring your cell phone to your face, you increase the likelihood of spreading germs. Avoid using your cell phone on the bus or take a disinfectant wipe to your phone before making a call.

Carry Tissues With You

There’s nothing worse than being on a bus with someone coughing or sneezing into the air. Have a pack of tissues with you and offer them to anyone who’s showing signs of illness.

Wash Your Hands as Soon as You Exit

An excellent way to prevent the spread of illnesses is to wash your hands well and as often as you can, especially as soon as you get off the bus. If you’re heading to an area where a restroom isn’t immediately available, you can use hand sanitizer made with at least 70% alcohol to kill germs and limit your risk effectively.

Use the “Dracula” Cough

As a safety measure, remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue to prevent the spread of germs

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