A Peek into the Life of a School Bus Driver

A Peek into the Life of a School Bus Driver

YellowBird Bus Company is hiring! Do you have what it takes? Well, consider the day in the life of a school bus driver by reading below!

You wake up to the buzz of your alarm clock and you see yellow, trailing from your dreams, on to the road. As you grip that oversized steering wheel, and your YellowBird Bus comes alive, you enter the mode of school bus driver—and you do with it with patience, excitement, and dignity.

You’re often asked, through the jeers and laughter of young school children, “What’s it like to be a Philadelphia, PA bus driver for a company like YellowBird?” “Do you drive to Sesame Street?” Amidst all the evening dropoffs, the opening and closing of doors, and the flashing of lights, there’s a great story waiting to be told.

At the Very Beginning

Your hands gripping that steering wheel, take in all your surroundings: your vehicle is eight feet across, unlike your average five-foot automobile. Under your feet, vibrates 30,000 lbs. of metal gears, rubber wheels, and an aisle of students. By 5:00 a.m., you’re likely showered, dressed, and sipping on coffee. The more consistency you weave into your morning, the more ready you are for the challenges and surprises ahead.

Route by Route

Assume that your morning routine hasn’t been disrupted—despite the fog, sleet, heat, and cold. At your first stop, a small child shrieks, then leaps at the sight of the school bus that is cruising down the road. Once you’ve stopped your vehicle, you say hello to the youngling as he or she to boards and hops into a seat. The bus door seals; and you’re driving to the next stop, traveling within the townships, past the homes that populate NJ and PA.

Smile After Smile

With each pair of youthful eyes you greet, you remember why you’ve chosen to be a school bus driver and how it motivates you, everyday. Saying “Good morning” and smiling shines a light on anyone you encounter—even if they don’t know it immediately. Persevering against all the missteps and habits of morning motorists, you maintain decorum with a calm, and a professionalism. You think about the safety and the happiness of the kids on your bus each and every moment.

Some nights, you dream of a local church group, and the rental bus they board on their trip into Philadelphia, PA. The life of a YellowBird bus driver is always full of joys and mysteries.

Interested? Please visit our employment page to learn more about being a YellowBird Bus Company driver!


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